Mr Papa’s World Site Work

I had hoped to release Mr Papa’s World with a new and improved theme this past weekend, but never got it done. Mainly, it was because I have been dissatisfied with my theming work to date. I wont release another theme until I am happy. I have gone back to the drawing board twice and still unsure. I wish I wasnt graphically challenged. I can easily handle the php and css code to make a theme work, but most have some graphics in the background as the basis. Take the current theme for example. How close did I really come to a desert sunset? And the content are frame (the purplish bars) look clunky to me.

I spent the weekend trying to find an already exisiting theme that I could just hack and modify to my needs/wants, but I guess I am too picky. Most are too loud and busy. I will keep searching.

Anyways, I do hope to debut a new theme soon, but dont have a timetable at this point. With the family reunion coming up in a couple of weeks here in Sonoita, it might just have to a wait a few weeks. In addition, I am also getting Suzanne’s new Cruise Talk Central blog site ready to go in the next few days.

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