New Website in Development

I guess I shouldnt have been so quick to talk about my “free time” and looking for some projects to work on. Suzanne got wind of it and decided that I should spend that energy on developing a new website for her. Sounds like a win – win situation to me.

For a while now, we have held the domain name Sonoita Singer and talked about developing it. Suzanne is a singer and does a lot of shows in the area, karaoke and sings at weddings and such. She has talked about wanting a site to showcase/advertise her singing abilitities. And so, Sonoita Singer shall soon be born.

It may take a while though because I have decided to learn a new CMS (Drupal) and she needs to help with what she wants on the site. Her part will most likely be the long pole in the tent. I do know that the site will give her a place to blog about singing, karaoke and anything else on her mind related to those topics. I also plan to have a bunch of her peformances or recorded songs available for listening and downloading. We are also talking about an events calendar showing when and where she will be singing. I will probably add some forums for her to discuss the art of singing with others. Certainly, there will be a contact page for folks to contact her if they are interested in hiring her or getting her to sing at an event.

I will try to keep yall updated on the progress of the site. Currently, there is a basic shell up there, but no content. I want to finish the shell and then theme the site for a better appearance. After that, the content comes and that will be up to Suzanne. Stop by there, let me know what you think and offer up any suggestions you might have.


  1. Anne Pechuls says

    What a great idea!


  2. If you need help with this, let me know.

    Yuk, Yuk.

  3. Anne Pechuls says

    So happy to hear about the groundbreaking ceremonies on September 24 for your own church in Sonoita. That’s great!



  4. Well, actually, I should clarify that. Its actually a dedication ceremony for the land and such… Not an actual groundbreaking. We still dont have architectural plans for the new church, but they are in work. I dont know when the groundbreaking will be.

    BTW, this was an old post. I no longer use Drupal for that site and have just decided to implement it using WordPress.

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