Busy Day For Suzanne

Today is a busy day for Suzanne. She has two singing performances scheduled for today. I am sure she will be thoroughly exhausted by the end of the day. The first performance is a concert at the Tucson Estates community center. This is a community in Tucson that a few times a year puts on […]

Busy Times With Websites (and small family update)

Wow, what a busy time… I recently launched a couple of new sites, Lords of Seis and Lions Fans Online and that took up some time. But the biggest drain over the last week has been moving my stuff to a new server. I was starting to reach the limits of my allowed bandwidth and […]

Website Moves

I recently made the decision to move my websites (four in production with fifth in planning) to a new host and new server. This decision didnt come easily. I wasnt really all that happy with the current host. They (hostingplex.com) had gone through many rough areas. I had been with them for about 15 months. […]

Sonoita Singer Listening Center

For any of you who have checked out Suzanne’s Sonoita Singer blog site, just passing along that we have uploaded the first mp3’s of her singing to the Listening Center there. If you head on over there, you can check out her singing a few songs from one of her shows. Those were the first […]

New Website in Development

I guess I shouldnt have been so quick to talk about my “free time” and looking for some projects to work on. Suzanne got wind of it and decided that I should spend that energy on developing a new website for her. Sounds like a win – win situation to me. For a while now, […]