New Wireless Internet Provider

Holy Cow, it appears to finally be happening. I absolutely love living in the mountains of Arizona and wouldn’t change it for nothing, but a fact of that life is crappy internet service. My only options are satellite (Direcway) and dialup. I actually have both as I used the Direcway service (as poor and expensive as it is) for general internet stuff and use the dialup for my America’s Army gaming. Some would argue that dialup is not acceptable for internet gaming, but I have made do.

Well, the local paper ran a story tonight about a new internet service provider, Digital Technology Group, that will launch new service in my rural neck of the woods at the end of February. Hooah! Its even gonna be cheaper than Direcway, so it sounds like a win-win situation. Gonna do some research tonight, but plan to call tomorrow for details and installation date. The latency will still be larger than cable or DSL, but should be better than both the satellite (ha ha) and the dial up.
Can I finally be leaving the dark ages of internet service?


  1. I can’t imagine not having a broadband connection. It must be a pain to wait and wait for a page to load. How do you even maintain a blog with that kind of connection. Just think, 10 years ago we all had dial up…

  2. hmmm…. old post… do have wireless broadband now….

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