Nice Arizona Weather

This is a great time of year here in Arizona. The weather is just fabulous. Last week and this week, the temperatures in Tucson have been in the mid-80’s. In Sonoita, that equates to about upper 70’s. It’s very nice and comfortable.

I think the winter, what we get here in Arizona, is past. The temperature in Sonoita is still dipping into the upper 40’s and 50’s but it warms up nicely when the sun comes up. We even had shorts on this past weekend and opened up all the windows. It’s still a bit cool at night to turn off the heat, but it doesn’t run much. Between now and sometime in June will be wonderful, window open, breezy cool/warm temperatures. As the summer monsoon approaches in late June, the humidity will rise making the heat that much more noticeable. Tucson will be in the 100’s by May and we will be maybe 5 -10 degrees cooler. We don’t normally need to turn on our air conditioner until the end of June though when the humidity is up.

With the warmer temperatures comes baseball season. Sean signed up this past weekend to play once again. He says it helps get him into shape for football season in the summer. He likes the game too, but still prefers football. He will likely play catcher again this year, but we will have to see how things shape up. Sean and I will use the nice weather this weekend to get outside and play some catch and work on his catching skills. I am not sure why he picked that position since I played it for 12 years and did not encourage him to play the position.

Suzanne and the kids are enjoying their week off from dancing. The town of Sierra Vista, where the dance studio is located, is having their school spring break this week, so the dance studio decided to give everyone the week off.

Unfortunately, we noticed this week in the local town paper that last weekend was the Civil War re-enactment of the battle at Pichaco Peak. It was the further West battle in the Civil War and is held annually about 30 minutes North of Tucson. Sean has been reading a lot about the Civil War lately and watching several documentaries on the History Channel. In addition, he has been playing my Civil War game for the Xbox 360. Back in the day, I was an avid Civil War historian and might have actually chosen that as a career path if I thought I could have made a living at it. We would have had a fun day at the re-enactment. We will try to be sure to make it next year.

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