New Board Games

For Christmas this year, the kids received a whole bunch of new board games. As a family that plays a lot of board games, Christmas is always a chance for us to try out some new games. This year, the kids also got some of the old favorites redone. Amongst the new games they got […]

Nice Arizona Weather

This is a great time of year here in Arizona. The weather is just fabulous. Last week and this week, the temperatures in Tucson have been in the mid-80’s. In Sonoita, that equates to about upper 70’s. It’s very nice and comfortable. I think the winter, what we get here in Arizona, is past. The […]

Take Command Civil War Game Series

Heading into college, if I thought I could have made a living at it, I might have been a Civil War Historian. I was, and to a lesser extent, fascinated by that particular war. Like many, I used to play the old Avalon War type board games for hours. I played a lot of strategy […]