Nice Relaxing Day

Yesterday, the family had a nice, relaxing day. We had some poker and ping pong tournaments, and played a bunch of xbox 360 games with Tiger Woods Golf being the favorite. I have yet to win one of the poker tournaments but more to come.
We also went to The Cove in Sierra Vista and swam for a while. The kids really enjoyed the wave pool they have there.

Upon repeated request, I also prepared some Creme Brule to have for dessert tonight. The requests continued to come in and this morning I made Eggs Benedict for everyone. Savannah is all smiles today as she gets her favorite breakfast and dessert today. For dinner, I will make a Center Cut Pork Roast with a champagne cream sauce. Everyone likes my champagne sauce, so I figured I would throw it in.

Shortly, we are going to head off to Kartchner Caverns and tour the living caves there. It’s kind of funny that Kartchner Caverns State Park is so close to us (30 mins) and we have not yet been there. It should be a fun day.

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