Off To Apple Annie’s

Tomorrow will be a busy and long, but fun day. We will start the day with another one of Sean’s football games with Savannah cheerleading. The game tomorrow is in Benson, AZ which is about 30 – 45 minutes from Sonoita. The boys are still winless this year, but maybe they can pull one out tomorrow.
After the game, we will drive out Apple Annie’s in Wilcox, AZ which is about another 30 – 45 minutes away. Apple Annie’s is a pretty cool place. It’s basically a farm and orchard where you pick your own stuff.

One of the reasons for the trip tomorrow is to pick our pumpkins for Halloween this year. You wander through all of these pumpkin patches until you find just the right one. We usually end up with a pretty big one and a couple of medium size ones. The trick is to then carry the pumpkins all the way back to the car. They have a tractor and some flatbeds that help haul you around, but we usually just hoof it. If the pumpkin is really big, I will use the trailer ๐Ÿ™‚

They also have some wonderful apple orchards there with many different varieties. You can either choose to pick your own apples right off the trees or they have some pre-picked ones in boxes that you can choose from. We dont normally pick the apples but instead just get the pre-picked ones. There is a very slight premium for the pre-picked ones. Still, the pre-picked apples are considerably less than store bought apples – and much fresher too. One of our favorite apples there is the Pink Lady. If you havent ever had one of those apples, Wow! They usually start harvesting them in October, so I hope they are available.

They also have a huge area of produce fields where you can pick your own fruit, vegetables and produce. That makes for some fresh and delicious stuff. We usually get many different types of peppers, squash, zuccini, green beans, corn, tomatoes and anything else that looks good. The price is absolutely stunning. Last year, we ended up with two of the brown paper grocery bags full of produce. The bill was a mere $8.

But it doesnt end there at Apple Annie’s. They also sell some pre-made items like breads, dressings and jams. The apple bread is tremendous. They also have a little picnic area and what they call a burger barn. They make a very nice apple smoked burger and have some very delicious homemade pies from the varous fruit they grow. Oh, and one cannot forget about the homemade fudge.

I think we will plan to eat a late lunch there tomorrow. The apple burger and pies (ice cream optional) may not agree with my NutriSystem diet, but oh well, this is a once or twice a year deal. I hope this doesnt sound too much like an ad for Apple Annie’s but the kids really love it there and well, the parents dont mind too much either ๐Ÿ˜‰


  1. Anne Pechuls says

    Apple Annie’s sound wonderful! Have a great time.

    Good luck to Sean in his game! Savannah, have fun cheering!

    Tomorrow will be a great family day for all of you!


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