Off To See The Lions

Well, I went ahead and did it last night. I ordered tickets to the Detroit Lions against the Arizona Cardinals game this upcoming weekend. I got tickets for Sean and I to go to the game. He is really excited as it will be his first NFL football game.

Being an avid Lions fan my whole life, I had thought many times about getting tickets, but ended up not doing it each time due to the time involved and the cost. In the end, it was Suzanne and Sean who convinced me to get the tickets. For me, it really doesn’t have anything to do with the fact that the Lions are in the midst of a very strong season that may well include the playoffs. They are my team and I would be happy to see them win or lose, though it will be more enjoyable to see them playing well.

From our house, it will be about a 2.5 to 3 hour drive up to Phoenix for the game. It is a later game, so time won’t be a factor. Suzanne just let me know that the kids don’t have school on Monday and maybe we should think about everyone going to Phoenix and spending Sunday night in a hotel. I guess I will have to consider that though it does increase the price more.

Our seats are located in the nose bleed section on about the goal line, so they aren’t the best by a long shot. Yet, they were almost $85 a piece for the tickets. Wow, just a subtle reminder of why I haven’t been to a game in a while. Also, Sean decided that we should be decked out in Lions clothing for the game. All of my Lions apparel is winter clothing and its projected to be pretty warm in Phoenix next weekend. So, we had to buy some Lions jerseys to wear to the game. Cha ching…

Our plan, assuming we don’t modify it for the whole family going, will be for Sean and I to drive up early Sunday morning. I will make some good tailgating food and pack some snacks so he can experience some tailgating. It should be a good, fun experience for Sean and I am sure to enjoy it myself.


  1. Know y’all will have a great time at the game. Sounds like a good idea for the girls to go to Phoenix also — and have some fun around the pool while the guys are are the exciting game.

    Go Lions!


  2. I am off to DC on a business trip, so will leave that up to Suzanne…

  3. Suzanne, I bet you can find a great place for y’all to stay on Sunday.


  4. Looks like everyone is going to Phoenix for a couple of days though only Sean and I are going to the Lions game… er, Cardinals game 😉

  5. Have a great time!

    Go Lions!

  6. Hope you say the same thing in the showdown with your Cowboys…

  7. You know I won’t — but I can say Go Lions and Go Patriots, except when those teams are playing the Cowboys!

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