Savannah’s Birthday

Tomorrow is Savannah’s 9th birthday. She is excited and been planning all sorts of stuff for her Birthday.

This weekend, I allowed her to plan the menu for Sunday to count for her Birthday dinner. Boy, she went to town and planned a 5 course dinner. For an appetizer, she had me make her Scampi al Forno. She loves seafood and shrimp is one of her favorites, right behind escargot. I guess if you love shrimp, who wouldn’t love is smothered in a garlic, lemon, and olive oil sauce?

She also love soups, especially my homemade ones. She decided she wanted a consommé, but couldn’t decide between a beef or chicken consommé, so she asked if I could make a mixed one. Well, not being one to disappoint her, I told her I would make a consommé supreme, and make it a combination of beef, chicken, turkey, pork and veggies. It came out quite nice.

For her salad course, she wanted a ceasar salad complete with homemade croûtons and dressing, with large pieces of bacon. Again, I didn’t disappoint her. She also found a swiss recipe for a braided farm bread that she wanted me to make so she could have bread with every course.

For the main course, she selected an oven roasted chicken breast. She really loves my special breading I do for the chicken and how its roasted in the oven though there is plenty of butter to make it just like fried chicken. For dessert, we had a Western lemon poppy seed cake.

With all those courses, we were quite stuffed by the end of the day. With me doing NutriSystem and not used to all that rich food, my stomach was gurgling away all night long with multiple trips to the restroom. I just cant handle that kind of food in large quantities anymore. That is a good thing…

We also pretty much finished up her Birthday gift this weekend. We compile all the money from grandparents and us as she wanted to completely redecorate her room. She went with some strange stuff in my opinion, but her and Suzanne are quite happy with the results. I guess I wouldn’t have paired up animal skins with pink walls (already that color). Again, she is happy, so all is good.

Her other big thing for her Birthday will be a return trip to Kartchner Caverns next weekend. We have yet to see the Big room there as its only open part of the year. Since going there over the Fourth of July weekend, she has wanted to go back and see the Big Room.  It should be a fun day as this Arizona State Park is quite fascinating.

My Birthday is only two weeks after hers…


  1. Sounds like quite a feast! Thankfully, Ben hasn’t requested that I cook for his birthday next weekend…..he knows better!!

  2. It was a feast and it was good though, as I mentioned, I paid for it that night…

    Say Happy Birthday to Ben!

  3. Wow, Savannah. What good choices for your special meal. Most kids your age don’t even know about these dishes. Hear your room came out real well. Can’t wait to see it. Wish I could see the caves again. What a fun outing.

  4. So, how did the day of doom turn out?

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