Sean’s Birthday Celebration

Sean’s birthday is officially Monday and he will be 10. However, he has football practice and hip hop dance class on Monday, so it didnt make sense to celebrate it on Monday. We made plans to go in to Tucson late Saturday afternoon, have some dinner and play some mini golf. Afterwards, we would come home and open his presents.

Well, everyone got a bit anxious on Friday evening and we let him open his presents then so he could enjoy them over the weekend. He got some pretty neat things with the majority being board games. We are a board game playing family and he is always trying to get up a game. Most of the games we have need more than two players, so we got him a bunch of board games that only need two players. A couple of examples would be Lord of the Rings Confrontation, Lost Cities and Starship Catan. We only got him one Xbox 360 game and that was Blazing Angels. To my surprise, the first thing we did was play Simpsons Clue and then Castle (a couple other boardgames). I had expected him to break the seal on the Xbox 360 game first. However, he and I did stay up until 1:00 am playing Blazing Angels after the boardgaming session.
For dinner, we gave him his choice of place to eat. Again, to my surprise, he chose Benihana’s. It’s a Japanese Teppanyaki restaurant. To me, the food in those kind of places is okay, nothing special, but the kids like the “performance” of the chefs. They met my expectations tonight but still, it was a fun dinner night out for the family. Sean liked it when they sang Happy Birthday to him in Japanese.

After dinner, we went over to Funtasticks and played a round of mini-golf. Sean was adamant that he was going to beat me. He keeps trying and trying, but has yet to beat me though he is getting closer and closer. Tonight, was no different as I put him away by six strokes. However, in a first, he did beat Suzanne by four strokes which made him happy. He is still gunning for me 🙂

We will probably get in another board game tonight before bed and surely play a few tomorrow around watching the PGA Tour Championship golf on TV. Sean is having a nice Birthday weekend.


  1. Anne Pechuls says

    Happy Birthday, Sean!



  2. Sean, hope your birthday was extra special – just like you.

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