Sean’s Team Loses Opener

Sean’s football team started their season this weekend. Unfortunately, they didn’t start it out on the right foot. They lost a close game by a score of 14 – 12, losing by missing their two extra points, while the other team made both of them.

The game was actually pretty sloppy and ugly, which is to be expected for the first game of the season. Neither team was able to generate much offense. It definitely was a defensive struggle.

Our first touchdown came in the first quarter on an interception. The kid stepped in front of a pass and raced about 50 yards for a touchdown. A couple of series later, the team from Douglas scored when their halfback raced 70 yards on a running play for a touchdown. Both of these score occurred in the first quarter. Since Douglas made their extra point and we did not, the score was 7 – 6.

The score remained that way until late in the fourth quarter. With less than a minute remaining and hope looking lost for our team. However, suddenly, the same kid that intercepted the pass, ran up the middle for a 50 yard touchdown. He broke several tackles along the way. I think that 50 yard run gave us about 70 yards of total offense for the game. Again, the extra point wasn’t good, but we were still up 12 – 7.

However, on the ensuing kickoff, the Douglas team raced about 70 yards down field before being tackled at the 5 yard line. Two plays later (and a timeout), they scored a touchdown and an extra point to take the lead again for good at 14 – 12. We did manage to get the kickoff and run two plays but they both gained no yardage before the gun sounded.

To have a chance this season, are kids are going to have to figure out how to play offense. The Douglas kids were probably twice the size of our kids, but that’s not a good excuse. We completely failed to execute on blocking. Defense was a whole lot better. Except for the one long run, they did a pretty good job of containing the Douglas offense.

Next Saturday is also a home game and I will try to get a few pictures during the game…


  1. We all need a humbler now and then.

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