Showstopper Dance Competition This Weekend

This weekend we will be journeying to Phoenix on our annual February trek for the Showstopper Regional Dance Competition. Once again, Suzanne and the kids will be competing in various dance categories. As usual, Mr Papa will be on the sidelines in the audience watching the performances.

This year, Savannah will be competing in six different dance categories. The dances she will be performing are:

  • Lyrical – “I Call Your Name”
  • Jazz – “I Want Money”
  • Tap – “Just A Little Bit” from Happy Feet
  • Clogging – “Kickin”
  • Hip Hop (solo) – “Me and My Girls”
  • Song and Dance (solo) – “Walking on Sunshine”

Sean is taking it a bit easier this year and will only be competing in two dances:

  • Clogging – “Kickin”
  • Clogging (solo) – “The Big One” by George Strait

In addition, the kids will be teaming up together for a duet:

  • Folkloric (duet) – “Norteno”

This year, Suzanne will be competing in two dances:

  • Folkloric – “El Tolol0che”
  • Song and Dance (solo) – “New York, New York”

We usually have to get up there early on Friday for some of the competitions, but by the luck of the draw, this year all of the family’s dances are on Saturday. So we will go up Friday afternoon and get to come back Sunday morning. We will likely hang around the hotel in the morning a bit for the kids to have a swim.

Another pleasant surprise for the dance competition this year is that Suzanne’s Aunt and Uncle (Maureen and John) will be in Phoenix during this time and will be trying to join us on Saturday for some of the dances.

It should be fun and a nice tune up for the Showstopper National Dance Competition this summer at Disney Land.


  1. Have fun — and good luck!


    ~Grandmother and Grandpop

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