Showstoppers National Finals Webcast

Tomorrow, Suzanne and Savannah head off to Anaheim, CA for the Showstopper West Coast National Finals. They earne the right to compete there by their performances in the regional competition in Phoenix, AZ last spring.

This means Sean and I get some guy time alone. Now we just need to figure out what we are going to do.

If anyone wants to watch the live webcast of the dance competition, click on the link below:

Showstoppers West Coast National Finals Webcast

The schedule for Suzanne and Savannah (all times Pacific Standard Time):

  • Thursday, July 20 1:17 pm Room 2 – Savannah’s Character Category routine (Rocking with the Rhythm of the Rain)
  • Thursday, July 20 1:28 pm Room 2 – Savannah’s Folklorico Category Polynesian routine
  • Thursday, July 20 8:16 pm Room 1 – Suzanne’s Folklorico Category Flamenco routine
  • Friday, July 21 9:37 am Room 1 – Savannah’s Lyrical Jazz routine (Masquerade)
  • Saturday, July 22 9:20 am Room 2 – Suzanne’s Song and Dance routine (All that Jazz)
  • Saturday, July 22 10:36 am Room 2 – Savannah’s Song and Dance routine (Knock on Wood)

If you go to the webcast, you will need to use the room # to pick the correct link to watch the webcast. Hopefully, they will be pretty close to schedule. Let’s see if they can bring home the Gold!

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