Site Update

Once again, I have made a few changes to Mr Papa’s World. I have added a section in the sidebar for historical archives. You can search the archives by author, by date, by category or by tag. The archives section also contains an archive of the polls I have run here at Mr Papa’s World.

In addition, I have added a new sidebar feature that is the most popular posts on Mr Papa’s World. A while back I added the popularity feature to my posts to track which posts are being read the most. Now that there is some history built up, I am displaying the most popular posts.

Suzanne has posted a bunch of pictures and a rehash of my daily log from our recent Celebrity Mercury cruise to Mexico over at her cruise blog Cruise Talk Central. She has included a whole bunch of pictures from the trip too – more than I uploaded here at Mr Papa’s World. Stop on by and check it out.

If you havent stopped on by the new local community site that I launched, Sonoita Web, wander over there and let me know what you think. I spent a fair amount of my Christmas holiday launching that site. Traffic has started slow, but is picking up. We are contemplating taking out an ad in the local paper announcing the site to drive up traffic. I hope the community embraces the site and comes together there.

I haven’t looked at my genealogy stuff lately, so its about time. One of my visitors has sent me a bunch of info that I need to go through, so I may find some nuggets there. Also, while on our Cloudcroft, NM holiday trip, Suzanne’s Dad, Brett, gave me a whole packet of info on his family. Its research that has been handed down for a while. Again, should be able to find some good info in there.

I hope the New Year is finding everyone well…


  1. I checked out Sonoita Web…what a great site! I really like the theme and style. Great stuff!

  2. Thanks Paul! each site I put together, I learn so much more… lets more roll some ideas back into the older ones too…

    Now I have built it… will have to see if they come… ๐Ÿ˜›

    Mr Papa

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