So Far, So Good

Today is day four of my summer bachelor time and so far, its been great. Well, it’s been pretty good anyways. As luck would have it, I have ended up late at work each night this week, so “my time” has been more limited than I had hoped. In addition, its rained every night this week, so the power has been going on and off, and I have been drawn to the patio to watch the spectacular lighting/storm displays. It’s too early for our monsoon season here in the Sonoita area, but it certainly seems like it.

I have managed some time to update the websites I run which I have been putting off for some time now. The geek in me comes out, because that has been really fun. In addition, I have been able to spend some time on the php application for membership applications that I have been helping a guy out with ( It’s just about time to release a new beta test and then begin work on the next major upgrade.

In an odd, unplanned twist, I have not played America’s Army with my 158th Clanmates for even one minute this week. I would have guessed many hours would have been spent playing America’s Army and that I would have been hard pressed to drag myself to bed instead of playing. Oh well, still some time left…

I have also found a couple of new websites that cater to Mercedes Benz owners. They seem to be competitive forums, but yet many members belong to both. One is BenzWorld and the other is MBWorld. I have been mostly lurking there thus far, but have a few posts under my belt. There is a wealth of info there and I have learned a bunch. Since, I am itching to get the voice activated system and a bluetooth phone, I have found lots of info. I wish they had RSS feeds. It would make reading them much easier.

As for the Xbox 360, I plan to finish Jewel Quest this week. I am getting close, but the last levels are tough. Also, still waiting for the Texas Hold Em Poker releaese that was supposed to have ocurred in May. The recent Xbox Live update with background downloading is really, really nice – no more waiting to play while something downloads. That should have been a launch feature for the Xbox 360.


  1. Sounds like we might be leaving hurricane country for monsoon country.

  2. usually, monsoon season doesnt start until early July. Technically, it hasnt started yet this year either. It requires something like 5 days in a row at a certain dew point.

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