Premature Ending

Some much for best laid plans. Suzanne called and they are coming home this evening. They were going to stay the night in El Paso, TX and drive the rest of the way in the morning. Guess they were feeling pretty good and decide to go the whole way. Kind of puts a damper on […]

Last Day

Today is my last full day of bachelorhood freedome. Tomorow, Suzanne and the kids return from their Dallas getaway. It’s been a nice run. I still have next summer to look forward to. Dont get me wrong, it will be nice to see them back here again, I just like the time alone every now […]

So Far, So Good

Today is day four of my summer bachelor time and so far, its been great. Well, it’s been pretty good anyways. As luck would have it, I have ended up late at work each night this week, so “my time” has been more limited than I had hoped. In addition, its rained every night this […]

Bachelor Time

Hooah! Two weeks of being a bachelor for Mr Papa! Suzanne and the kids are off to Dallas for a couple of weeks on their annual trip. Twenty years ago, being a bachelor for a couple of weeks might have meant some wild times. Now, it just means peace and quiet for my video gaming […]