Sonoita Labor Day Rodeo Weekend

This weekend is the annual Sonoita Labor Day Rodeo. I think its the 91st annual rodeo this year. Its a long and storied rodeo and has long been a part of rural Sonoita. The rodeo began yesterday (Saturday) afternoon and runs through Labor Day Monday.

The rodeo features most events for the men and women. The Sonoita rodeo is on the regional rodeo association tour and gets its fair share of Southwestern Cowboys and Cowgirls that compete at the National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas. They also have a few events for the kids. In the past, Sean and Savannah have done the mutton busting event. Thats where the kids ride a sheep and try to stay on for 8 seconds. The kids rodeo is so popular that its hard to get an entry into the events.

We have been going to the Labor Day Rodeo now for about 6 years. That’s even before we moved to Sonoita four years ago. We normally attend the Rodeo on Saturday and Sunday, reserving Monday for relaxation. It’s a long day at the rodeo and it can be quite hot.

In additiion to the rodeo, they also have some performances by horse drill teams and rodeo clowns. After the rodeo, the local Elgin Club sponsors a Steak Fry. A lot of folks hang around to eat like a Cattle Baron. On Saturday and Sunday nights, there are rodeo dances featuring live bands. Of course, they are Country bands. Sonoita really gets rocking those nights.

A lot of folks make the drive down from Tucson for the festivities. The scenic drive, fresh air, cooler temperatures and rodeo activities make it fun getaway from big city life.

In a strange twist, we actually did not attend the rodeo yesterday. Instead, we ended up going into Tucson to catch a movie. It was my first foray into a theatre in almost 2 years. I prefer to watch them in the comfort of my own home. Sean has been wanting to see the movie Invincible since it came out. Thats the movie about Vince Papale, the 30 year old Philadelphia bartender who ended up trying out for the Eagles and making the team. Sean had some left over money from his birthday a couple weeks back and wanted to treat the family to a movie and snacks. What a guy! Another reason I dont go the movies is the price tag. For two adults an two kids, the entrance fee was $27. Throw in drinks and snacks and you had another $16 bill. Since my NutriSystem diet doesnt really like theatre food, I limited myself to a diet Coke. The move was actually pretty decent though a bit slow in a couple of areas.

The rodeo should be starting up for today and we are again questioning if we are going to go. I suspect we are going to pass. That means, since we arent likely to attend Labor Day Monday, that our string of 6 consecutive rodeos here in town, may come to an end. We still like the rodeo and love having it here in Sonoita. Maybe, we just need a year off. It just seems like we having been going and going lately.

Well, if you are ever near Sonoita on Labor Day Weekend, be sure to check out the rodeo. We have had both are parents come visit at this time just to see the rodeo. Okay, they came to see us and the grandkids too…

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