Sonoita Singer Listening Center

For any of you who have checked out Suzanne’s Sonoita Singer blog site, just passing along that we have uploaded the first mp3’s of her singing to the Listening Center there.

If you head on over there, you can check out her singing a few songs from one of her shows. Those were the first trys at recording mp3’s. We will probably redo some of them as we have a better understanding of the process now. They are still good, but we can do better.

I hope to add to the Listening Center soon some statistical information that will show number of plays for each song and also the number of votes for each song. The recent release of America’s Army 2.7 has been occupying a bunch of my time so I havent gotten around to it yet.

And of course, this is Ryder Cup Golf Weekend, so a fair amount of time will be spent in front of the tube watching that. As usual, the USA is down again (5 – 3) after day 1. They seem to like to go for heroics in the Sunday singles but it usually fails.

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