Super Bowl Ads

What the hell is Mr Papa doing writing a post about the Super Bowl Ads instead of the game itself? Well, a few comments on the game… That may well have been the best Super Bowl Game ever. It was close the whole way, hard fought and riveting. And my full post on the Super Bowl game can be seen on my Lions Fans Blog.

Watching and rating the Super Bowl ads seems to be very popular these days. I know several folks at work that watch the game only for the Super Bowl ads. While I certainly watch it primarily for the game, I do find some of the ads very entertaining and certainly better than the normal junk they call ads we get the rest of the year. I have become very good at mentally blocking out all ads when watching TV. Anyways, on to my awards for the Super Bowl Ads.

Best Ad

This was easy. The Budweiser ad with the Clydesdale horses was the best. How can you beat an ad where the horse doesn’t get picked and then gets trained for the next selection by a Dalmatian to the theme of the Rocky movie. Great Ad! Only shown once during the second quarter.

Runner Up Ad

The kids really enjoyed this one and well, I did too. Runner Up goes to Coke commercial where a giant coke bottle parade balloon is pursued by Underdog and Stewie (from Family Guy) through the city. The best part is at the end when Charlie Brown comes out of nowhere and gets the Coke. Now, I could think of several better characters than Charlie Brown to have gotten the Coke, but still, very nice ad.

Honorable Mention Ads

A few other ads get honorable mention for good efforts. They were quite as good the Best and Runner Up, but still worthy of mention. My honorable mention ads are: Bud Light fire breather, Bud Light Cavemen and Bridgestone Tires with the gopher

Worst Ad

There were some ads that just didn’t cut it or were downright bad. There were also others that maybe I just didn’t get. My award for the worst Super Bowl Ad goes to the Gatorade G2 ad with the dog drinking water. So, how is that Labrador dog drinking water supposed to get me interested in Gatorade G2. I must have missed the point entirely.

Worst Ads Honorable Mention

Okay, a few more ads that deserve attention as being bad. Other ads that I thought were pretty bad were: Diet Pepsi Max, Amp Energy where they jump start the car and the Bud Light ad with Will Ferrell.

All in all the ads were pretty decent. Bud Light seems to have won the most awards from me. If you didn’t get a chance to see the ads, you can see them all at NFL Super Bowl Ads.


  1. I forgot to watch the game, so I missed all the commercials. Heard on the news that the horse and dog one was voted “best”

  2. That was my favorite… You can follow the link in my post and watch all the ads on the net…

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