My Birthday

Well, tomorrow is my birthday. Turning the big 45. I probably shouldn’t mention it, but hey, you are only as old as you think you are. Luckily, tomorrow is one of our off Fridays at work, so I get to stay home, relax and spend some quality time on the computer. Okay, so I am […]

Super Bowl Ads

What the hell is Mr Papa doing writing a post about the Super Bowl Ads instead of the game itself? Well, a few comments on the game… That may well have been the best Super Bowl Game ever. It was close the whole way, hard fought and riveting. And my full post on the Super […]

Super Bowl Sunday

It’s Super Bowl Sunday. It’s actually a family fun day for us. The entire family watches the Super Bowl. Of course, Sean and Steve wouldnt miss it. Suzanne enjoys football so she watches it. I think Savannah watches it for the commercials. It’s also a chance for me to cook a bunch of junk food. […]