Suzanne and Kids Trip Update

I got a chance to talk with Suzanne again last night on her annual Summer trek to Dallas. It sounds like they are having fun, but it also sounds like she is ready for it to come to an end. It’s a long trip and even though one really wants to see family, two plus weeks starts to get old. I am sure Sean and Savannah dont feel that way though.

They just got back from going to Mississippi for a couple of days to see Suzanne’s Grandmother. She is getting up there in age as she is over 90, so it’s good for Suzanne and the kids to get a chance to visit with her. It sounds like it was a good visit. Sean and Savannah swam and swam in Aunt Jean’s pool. Suzanne said that Savannah and her cousins Hailey and Holly were in the pool so much those two days that the ends of their hair was turning orange.

Today, they are off to Six Flags. Sean and Savannah are amusement park fiends and just love it. Going with cousins David, Hailey and Holly will just add to the fun. I think Sean is now tall enough that all rides are open to him. Savannah gets to go on most but gets limitiations on some of the wilder coaster rides. I hope the weather is good cause I just remember Six Flags being unbearable in the Summer with that Dallas humidity from when we lived there. It has to be worse now since we are so used to our no humidity weather in the Desert.

As for me, I am stilling enjoying my time alone. I spent last night doing computer “things”. Mainly, I was just making sure everying was up to date and optimizing some settings. This past weekend, I must have spent 12 hours playing America’s Army with my 158th clan buddies. It was lots of fun. I think I will spend tonight on the Xbox 360. I sure wish they would hurry up and release the Texas Hold Em Poker game that was supposed to be released in May.

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