Technology Update

Today, my new internet service was installed and I couldn’t be happier.  I said that a year ago when the old internet service was turned on, but things get better with time.  After todays install, I am able to get a solid 1 – 1.5M download and 700k upload.  The best part is that no throttle back after a small period of time.  My new provider also promises bandwidth increases in the new future.

You may remember my Christmas present for this past year, a Logitech Harmony 1000 remote control.  Well, it still hasn’t shipped as Logitech continues to delay the release of the product.  Today, I canceled my order.

It’s not all bad though, because I ordered a new computer instead.  My current computer is 4 years old.  Recent purchases have been new computer for Suzanne and the kids.  Finally, it was my turn for a new computer.  This one continues to struggle and is showing its age.  So, with a new computer and a new internet connection, I should be able to own in America’s Army.  The computer is due to arrive in about 1 week.  Its not the most modern available, but a definite upgrade from this old computer.


  1. Brett Pechuls says

    Technology Update from Texas
    I purchased a new Dell Insperion last July. this week the battery suddenly went south. Thankfully I’m still under warranty and Dell is srnding a free replacement. Most of the reviews I read on the lithium battery say they are really lousy. Most last less then a year. supposedly there is a new technology on the horizon that will perform better and last longer than lithium.
    Otherwise I am very pleased with the performance of the Dell.
    Recently downloaded the updated version of both Internet Explorer and Adobe Reader. I really like both.
    Attended my first Astronomy class yesterday and know this will be a great course. Prof is a brilliant old german guy who knows this stuff A toZ. My interest is perking up. Neat stuff.
    Enough for now.


    Monday at school went out for a smoke and a young student came out for one also. Came up to me and said ” good idea Old Timer”. Almost slapped him upside the head !!! Oh well, such is life!

  2. Brett, you should junk Internet Explorer and pick up Firefox ( It’s a much better browser IMHO. And if you arent using their Thunderbird for your email, again, you should switch.

    How’s the genealogy course going? I could always use some help on the research – haven’t done anything on it this year.

    😆 I can just see you staring at that kid after his comment… :thumbs_up:

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