Texas Hold Em Poker for Xbox 360

Finally, the day is approaching! Next Wednesday, the 23rd of August, Texas Hold Em Poker for the Xbox 360 on the Xbox Live Arcade will launch!

In addition, Microsoft has announced on xbox.com that for the first 48 hours it is available, the Texas Hold Em Poker game will be free. After that, the game will cost 800 points.

They also talk about how the virtual gambling will work and the tiered system they will be using to try to get folks to play more real and not “go all in” incessantly.

The Texas Hold Em poker game was originally going to launch in February, so this is a bit overdue but welcome news that myself and Sean have been looking forward to. Only problem will be that we cant play poker together until we pick up a second Xbox 360. I thought he was going to ask/get one for his birthday that is ocurring in about a week, but he instead came up with a list of other stuff he wanted. That surprised me, but was actually pretty smart on his part.


  1. Count me in. Sounds like fun.

  2. I look for you on PokerStars.net – just haven’t found you yet. When you’re going to play, call me and maybe we can get on the same table.

  3. just buy an xbox 360 and we are all set… havent played pokerstars in the last couple weeks, but will let you know…

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