The Day After the Elections

Today is the day after the elections and boy am I glad its over. I was so tired of the relentless and pointless ads that have been running on the radio, TV and even in phone calls. Does anyone ever make up their mind based on political ads? I cant imagine doing so, but guess somewhere, someone does.

The elections were a pretty big disappointment though expected. At least a few key folks I was interested in won re-election. Also, the majority of propositions I favored went the way I hoped, though there was a few surprises there too. In a strange oddity, a lot of the country seemed to vote for liberals but support conservative propositions/amendments. The election appears to have been largely retaliation aimed at George Bush. Oh well, enough of politics as its not one of my favorite subjects. But, I still rejoice at the signs and ads being gone!

The family Thanksgiving cruise to Mexico on board the Celebrity Mercury is fast approaching. I havent even had time to think about or prepare for it. My program at work is having a major review next week and my head has been down hard towards that. That’s probably a good thing as the anticipation can sometimes be hard. I think we leave for the cruise two or three days after the review. It will be a welcome vacation. I am planning to only work two weeks the rest of the year as I have a bunch of vacation that I have to use or lose.

Sean had is second basketball game tonight and they got creamed. The score was something like 36 – 14. The school they played, Patagonia, only had one team. Elgin, Sean’s team, brought all three teams to the game and decided to play everyone, so there wasnt much continuity. Sean sure is enjoying it though. No points for him tonight.

Sean and Savannah’s last football game of the season is Saturday. His team has yet to win a game this year. He has thoroughly enjoyed the year and looks forward to moving up an age group next year so he doesnt play with the little kids :whistle:. He also wants for Christmas a football training and conditioning book/DVD so he can work out hard in the off season to get ready for next year. I am not sure how much he will use it, but the thought is right.


  1. Politics – what a bore. I’m one of those who just complain about it, but do nothing.

    Don’t you wish that kid’s teams would win half of their games. That would teach them how to lose and how to win. You need to be good at both.

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