The Genealogy Updates Continue

With this wonderful vacation I am on, I have been able to find time each day to work on the genealogy research. Today, I have uploaded another update to Mr Papa’s World Genealogy. This update includes primarily new information on Suzanne’s side of the family.

Once again, the new information is largely due to the efforts of others. Several folks contacted me once again after finding there name on my family tree. They also sent me some updates and some additional information. I also sent Suzanne’s parents a copy of their descendancy chart that I had to date and Suzanne’s Mother was able to contact some family members and get me some additional information. Group research like that is really helpful to me. Suzanne’s Father is also still planning on taking a genealogy course at the local community college now that he is retired and filling out some of the holes on his side.

Anyways, the surnames with the biggest updates would be McDonald (Suzanne’s Mother’s side) and Korkus (Suzanne’s Dad side). Once again, no updates to the Klasen side. I continue to run into roadblocks there. I have some circumstantial evidence of a connection that would open up several more branches, but I want to be more sure before I make that tie in. I dont know if thats going to happen. But, thats part of the fun of this gigantic jigsaw puzzle.

I have had a couple requests from folks asking how I do my research. I use Family Tree Maker as my software application for the genealogy research. Its an application run on my PC. It also allows me to do internet searches directly from within the application. When I have an update that I want to bring to Mr Papa’s World, I export the data into a GEDCOM file and then upload it to the website. On the website, I run the phpgedview internet based software to allow visitors to look at the family tree.

For my research, I do a lot of it at and I also frequent a bunch of other sites that specialize in research, but those are the big two. Online, you can find birth records, death records, marriage records, census records, phone records, address records and so on. I also have access to immigration records and ship passenger lists for folks that immigrated to the US. Its a wealth of information and takes time to sort through and make sure that what you find truly correlates with other info. I also resort to Google for generic internet searches.

Again, if anyone would like to help with the research, please drop me an email.


  1. I paid for a subscription to and it has been a gold mine for research. The most useful tools I have found so far are the census rolls and the immigration info.

  2. same here… I also have one at….. a bit of duplication, but occasionally find something on each that the other doesnt have…

    Mr Papa

  3. Jackie Klasen says

    Good detective work. You sure work tirelessly.

  4. I use Legacy myself. I’m still learning all the many features that it has. Maybe with my income tax refund this year, I’ll get a subscription to Ancestry. Just the birth records alone would be a big help!

  5. I never tried Legacy, but heard good and bad things about it… also, a friend has turned me onto a new genealogy site…

    Registered and uploaded a gedcom and letting it try its smartmartch technology to see what it finds… dont know if its any good or not, but you might try it… will let you know how it works for me…

    Mr Papa

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