Transformers Movie

This past weekend, we finally got around to watching the Transformers movie. We have had it from Netflix for a while, but I kept putting off watching it as I was not very interested in the movie. I remember the transformers from my younger days and it was very hokey to say the least. So, anyways, the kids finally talked me into watching it. I wasn’t expecting very much.

To my complete surprise, the movie was actually quite good. Now, its not Academy Award quality or anything like that, but I found myself enjoying the whole movie and waiting for the next scene. There were numerous well done action scenes in the movie. The CGI of the autobots and decepticons transforming into various machine forms was beautiful and state of the art. Watching the movie in its HD-DVD glory was very enjoyable. The colors were vivid and crisp.

The lead characters performed admirably, in particular Shia LaBeouf. Megan Fox did well also and was very easy on the eyes. The one part of the movie I didn’t like was Sector Seven agent, portrayed by John Turturo. That character was a waste and a drawback from the movie. There is no way he could be that much of an idiot.

Anyways, the movie was a good family watch and I would recommend you give it a try. I am glad my kids finally convinced me to watch it.


  1. So glad you enjoyed that movie — You never know???

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