Treadmill Woes Continue

So much for the treadmill woes being solved. I hopped on it again yesterday for a workout. About 5 minutes into the program, barely enough time to break a sweat, the treadmill once again seized up and stopped. I suspected another blown fuse which would not bode well for the treadmill. Continual blowing of a fuse is a not a good sign.

However, after talking to Suzanne when she got hom from dance class with the kids, the problem may be better understood. It turns out, that when she replaced the previously blown fuse, she couldnt find the same size. The original fuse was a 12 Amp fuse, but she could only find a 10 Amp fuse. So it would certainly be more likely to blow again. Doh! At least she didnt put in a bigger fuse.

Now, I am still worried about the overall health of the treadmill because designers normally put some headroom into electronics current draw such that its quite possible that a 10 Amp fuse would have worked anyways. The surge that popped it, may have also popped a 12 Amp fuse. We will have to get a 12 Amp fuse and see what happens.

It has also been a long time, well overdue, since we have done some good maintenance on the treadmill. So, we will also get a lubrication and general maintenance kit and see if we can breathe some life into her. It will take a few days or maybe a week to get this done, so it looks like no treadmill work this week.

Hopefully, these actions will get the treadmill back into top shape and save us from having to get another one.


  1. Could be time for a new machine!

  2. That’s my fear! One more shot at it then I think it’s done for…

    Mr Papa

  3. Just when you get up enough ambition to use the killer machine, it poops out.

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