Vacation Finally Here!

Well, finally its here! A vacation. Right about now, we are jetting our way to Michigan for a little family reunion. I am in desperate need of a vacation as this will essentially be my first of the year. We did take a week back in March for a Pechuls family reunion, but I was sick for 5 days and it wasn’t much of a vacation.

The whole immediate Klasen family will be gathering in Michigan for a week’s worth of fun. We will take the obligatory trip up to Frankenmuth, MI – and no, I won’t be trying to set a new record for number of chicken breasts eaten. We will take in the wonderful Bronners Christmas store while there.

We will also spend a few days on the beach of Lake Huron. While there, we will go deep sea fishing one day. The rest of the time will be spent enjoying each others company. It will be a wonderful chance for the kids to see the cousins, Aunts/Uncles and Grammy that they don’t get to see enough with everyone scattered around the Country.

It will also be nice to leave the 100 – 110 degree temperature spell we have been having here in Southeastern Arizona. The monsoon might have finally arrived as the thunderstorms have come roaring in the last two days in the late afternoon. Michigan hasn’t yet started to heat up, so the cooler weather will be nice.

While on the trip, I will try to post some updates as to the fun we are having. I might even manage to get a photo or video or two posted too. See ya on the other side of the vacation!

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