When We Left The Earth

For those of you that haven’t been watching the recent Discovery series “When We Left The Earth”, you don’t know what you have been missing. The series has been quite excellent and the high definition images quite stunning.

The series is a cooperative effort between the Discovery Channel and NASA. It chronicles the history of the NASA space program from its inception until current times. The show is very well done and includes tons of footage and interviews that I haven’t seen before.

There was a docu-drama a while back, “From the the Earth to the Moon”, that was also well done, but that series featured actors and interpretation. The “When We Left The Earth” series is all real people and fact based. It includes many interviews and viewpoints of astronauts, NASA personnel, media, family and others. The footage is all genuine and quite riveting.

Its been a series that the whole family, even Savannah, has been able to enjoy together. The kids have never really been exposed to the Mercury, Gemini or Apollo programs and they only know of the space shuttle as our space program that has had a few accidents (ie Challenger and Columbia). Its been a great learning experience for them.

We are actually considering buying the Blu-Ray addition that includes an additional 4 hours of NASA films/images. It was a series that plain and simple was that good. Odds are that we won’t buy it because while a great series, it probably would only get watched every few years.

If you didn’t get a chance to catch this wonderful new series the first time around, Discovery is running the series a few more times over the next month or so. If you can’t get it in HD, I would image it would still be stunning. Even the person with only a casual interest in space would find this series enjoyable. I bet even an avid space aficionado would learn a thing or two from this series. Give it a watch!

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