Big Klasen Family Tree Update

I have finally gotten around to updating the Klasen Family Genealogy site with some of my recent research.

When I get a bit of spare time, I have been finding little tidbits of information that I have been collecting. Recently, I also made a discovery of another family tree that had a pretty good tie in to my family tree. Last night, I completed the updates to the Mr Papa’s World Genealogy Site.

This was a major update to the family tree. Large numbers of new individuals and surnames have been added. Here is a breakdown on some of the changes:

  • Tree went from approximately 393 individuals to approximately 688 individuals
  • Tree went from approximately 112 surnames to approximately 210 surnames
  • Tree went from approximately 9 generations to 15 generations

The majority of the finds were on the Kott side (my Mother) of the family. A large number of these were not direct descendants, but instead were detailed families of aunts/uncles/brothers/sisters of several of my Mothers ancestor generations.

The surnames with the most additions were:

  • Komray
  • Maskelis
  • Cummings
  • Miner
  • Shenk

Again, unfortunately, no Klasens were added to the family tree. That seems to be a pretty cold path at the moment. The only Klasen Family relative that I know of is my Grandfather Fred Klasen who died when I was very young. I dont believe he had any brothers or sisters. It also appears that no one living has any clues as to his family heritage either. Never fear, I will keep digging.

After the major update, here is how the surnames and number of families within are represented:

If you want to look at the families within each surname, you can click on the link. A quick glance also reveals that there are only 5 entries for the name Klasen. Maybe I have the tree named wrong 😉

With Suzanne’s Father Brett taking a genealogy class and having some information to share, I expect some new additions to her side of the family too.

In the meantime, the research continues…