Close But No Cigar

Sean’s football team came close today, but they still went down to defeat. The final score was 14 – 13. This leaves Sean’s team winless for the year.

The difference in the game was an extra point. At this age, teams get 2 points for a passing conversion and 1 point for a run conversion. Each team scored two touchdowns. Each team missed one extra point. It was the second extra point (or points in this case) that was the difference as Wilcox passed and we ran.
The game was close the whole way. The only time it didnt sea saw back and forth was in the opening series when the opposing Wilcox Cowboys took the opening kickoff and easily marched down the field for a score. Sean’s Yellowjackets tied it early in the second half with an excellent 55 yard quarterback option run. The QB was untouched into the endzone. Wilcox scored late in the second quarter to go up 14 – 6 at halftime.

The second half was all Yellowjackets. Their defense was dominant and stymied Wilcox the entire half. Sean was flying around the field like a madman making tackles. Personally, I thought he had a weak first half as he was sitting back on his heals and waiting for stuff to come to him. It was tough for ole Mr Papa to watch in the stands. The second half was completely different. He came out completely changed and energized. I dont know if the coaches talked to him or what, but from the snap he was on the move and charging. He must have had 15 tackles in the second half from his outside linebacker position. It was easily the best half of football he has played this season and its been a good one for him.

The entire season, Sean’s team has struggled on offense. They just cant seem to move the ball. If they dont get a big play for touchdown, they seem to have penalties or a turnover. Sustained drives are only a figment of their imagination. The last few weeks, they have been getting creamed up the middle. Sometimes the quarterback was getting sacked before he could even hand off the ball. Sean had been playing tight end on offense. Towards the end of the game last week, he told the coach to let him snap the ball and he would block the guys up the middle. They must have liked what they saw, because he started at center today. To his credit, only one sack or run for loss came up the middle today. He was a wall on that line. Actually, the whole line played well today. They must have worked on it a lot last week. There’s not much glory or fame at center, but he played it very well today.

Anyways, back to the game. Wilcox had the ball late in the game deep in their own territory. On third and three from about the 15, they tried to run a sweep at Sean – uh uh. Net result for the play: loss of two yards. Wilcox decided to punt with just under two minutes remaining. Their kick was bad and only going about 10 yards. One of the kids on Sean’s team was running backwards and reached up and touched the ball. Wilcox recovered the fumble. With only one timeout left, it wasnt looking good for the Yellowjackets.

With 1:19 remaining, they forced a turnover and recovered a fumble on the Wilcox 30 yard line. They had a chance if their offense could put one little drive together. Again, only one timeout left. Well, actually, no timeouts left as they had to take it before even running a play. Between the excitement of getting the fumble, they forgot to get the offense on the field – argh. They ran the ball a few times up the gut and steadily moved the ball down the field to the 7 yard line where time ran out on them. There really isnt a hurry up offense or field goal at this age. Great try by the kids, but they just ran out of time.

It was a fun game to watch, especially the second half when Sean was on a terror. It’s just too bad they couldnt pull out the win. One game remaining in the season in two weeks.

On the cheerleading side of the family, Savannah and the girls did good. They debuted some of the cheers and dance routines they will perform next week at the cheerleading competition. The crowd seemed to enjoy them. Even Mr Papa took time from the game to watch a few. Last year, Coach Suzanne and the girls won the competition. I fear they wont do that good this year since some of their better girls moved up in age groups this year. However, one never knows what will happen on any given day. Sean is begging me not to make him go to the cheerleading competition next week, so unsure if I will go or not. Its almost an hour and a half away in Bisbee. Suzanne and the girls will be there for 6 hours. The actual competition will likely be only 20 minutes.


  1. Anne Pechuls says

    Way to go, Sean!

    Good luck to Coach Klasen, Savannah and cheerleading team in next week’s competition.


  2. Bring on the competition. Suzanne, Savannah and the girls are ready.

    Sean, maybe next year will be better. Losing teaches you a lot, but it’s not much fun.

  3. Yeah, but unfortunately, its hard to get a 10 year old to understand that…

    Mr Papa

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