Day 5 – Puerto Vallarta

Today, our port of call is Puerto Vallarta.  The weather is fabulous once again.  There are very few clouds in the sky and no wind.  The weather is comfortable with moderate humidity which I could do without.  As it has been the entire cruise, the water remains unbelievably calm meaning very smooth sailing.

Suzanne frequents a several cruising sites every day and make multiple posts in them.  She has made many friends from these forums and tries to hook up with these new founds friends whenver possible.  We have met half a dozen or so on this cruise who had booked the same cruise.  Another couple, Rosey and Dew N Gr8, just happened to spending a couple of weeks in Puerto Vallarta at the same time as our cruise.  They invited us to spend the day with them at their resort while docked in Puerto Vallarta.  We accepted.

They were staying at the Villas Vallarta.  It was a very nice complex of hotel, pools and beach.  The kids got to enjoy several hours in the ocean and another couple of hours in the pool.  Dew and Rosey were fabulous folks and we thoroughly enjoyed the company.  They are 15 – 20 years older than us, but we all related well and got along.  We enjoyed many, many drinks and lunch at the resort all for about $45, quite a good deal.  I think we would have a great time cruising with them. 

We returned to the cruise ship in time for the sail away party and dinner, though we were slightly delayed, as about 30 minutes out of Puerto Vallarta, we stopped and waited for the pilot boat to bring out a passenger that had missed the sailing.  It had to be embarressing for her as they announced it on the PA and everyone was at the railing on the topside decks to great the passenger back to the boat with a round of applause.  Frankly, I was a bit surprised they stopped the ship and waited for the passenger to rejoin the ship.

Dinner was great once again and I sound like a broken record.  The food is one of the reasons we really like Celebrity.  We have not yet found a person who thinks another cruise lines food compares to Celebrities.  The kids enjoyed a third night of escargot – I think they are going to turn into one.  Savannah tried a filet of sole and just loved it.  I was a bit surprised that she ordered it as we dont eat much fish like that.  She responded “Papa, I have to try something new every meal”.  Well, she ate every bit of that fish and loved it.  I suspect she will be eating more fish in the future.  Sean got a pasta dish.  Arggh, I cant remember what Suzanne ordered.  I couldnt make up my mind between the ultra thick pork chop and the prime rib, so I got both.  I skipped the rest of the courses and had them put one slice of prime rib and one pork chop on a plate with a baked potatoe and that was my dinner.  Wow, they were good.  The sauce on the pork chop was out of this World. The prime rib was cooked to medium rare perfection.

After dinner, we attended the show.  It was an Australian singer that had a four octave range.  He sang pop to opera and was enjoyable.  After the show, it was 50’s and 60’s sock hop time.  That party was incredible and the most attended event outside of the theatrical shows on the ship.  The Pavillion Lounge was standing room only.  Suzanne, Sean and Savannah were dressed like the 50’s.  Mr Papa was the fuddy duddy again.  They looked cool.  Sean even got asked to dance by the hottest dancer in the Celebrity Dancer troupe and did quite well.  That should be some good fodder for the school playground.  It was a wild and loud party.  In all of our cruises, we hadnt yet attended this party.  I dont think we will miss another one.  The kids finally petered out about midnight and took them off to bed.  Suzanne hung around a bit longer as her and one of the dance hosts were having fun doing some pretty wild dancing.

Tommorow is a day at sea and we plan to sleep in for a change and catch up on our sleep.


  1. Sounds like you guys are having a blast on your cruise, I have never been fortunate enough to go on one. I’ll make a point to take one in the future though. Enjoy the rest of your trip and I’ll talk to you when you get back!

    a.k.a. – Ralon

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