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I have to tell you, I really love doing this genealogy research.  I had put it on the back burner for a couple of weeks while I transitioned my websites to a new host – more to come on that after all the websites have all been moved.

A couple of days ago, I received a phone call from a Nancy Kott.  My Mother is a Kott.  She has a sister (my Aunt) named Nancy Kott.  Suzanne actually took the call while I was working with tech support on the web transfer.  She asked if I wanted to talk to Nancy about some information on the Kott family.  I did, but couldnt take the call at that moment and wondered what my Aunt would possible have on family history since I had already canvassed known family members.

A bit later, I took a look at the note Suzanne had taken and realized that it wasnt my Aunt that had called.  It was another Nancy Kott.  Now I was REALLY interested. I called her back that night and had a wonderful conversation with Nancy.

I havent done the analysis yet to figure out exactly how I am related to her, but she thought we were 2nd cousins once removed.  Let’s see…  She is the granddaughter of my Mother’s Dad’s brother.  Hmmm… :cwy: okay, so I dont know the formal meaning of that, but who cares!!!  It was a real treat to talk with her. :thumbs_up:

She had loads of info on the Kott family that was fascinating.  My Mother’s Dad, Raymond Kott, died when she was really young and she, and thus our family, never really knew the Kott side of the family.  Nancy was amazed to hear that my Grandmother was still alive as her Dad used to know her.

Nancy has now included Norma Mackela in our discussions.  I dont remember the relationship there, but I have it in my notes somewhere.  Norma has spent the last few days sending me loads of pictures from the early days of the family.  I have just loved looking at the old sepia toned pictures.

Nancy and Norma have both passed on lots of new Kott names and family history and stories that I dont have in my family tree.  They should be sending me their research and trees soon for inclusion into mine.  Also, we are trying to setup a phone call between that side and my Mother and Grandmother.  That would be fantastic if we can make it happen.  My Mom and Grandma have been comparing notes the last few days to see what they could remember.  It matches what Nancy and Norma have passed along extremely closely.  Mother and Grandma are very excited about the upcoming phone discussion.

I cant wait to get their family tree for addition into mine!! :w00t:  And the addition of all those wonderful old photos is going to markedly increase the quality of my family history research – not to mention the stories they have already begun to tell.


  1. Anne Pechuls says

    Great discovery. I know your Mother and Grandmother are excited about it.

    Steve, you are doing a great job on this!


  2. Great stuff! I got an e-mail yesterday because of our weblog and Genealogy site from a cousin that I hadn’t seen/talked to in almost 26 years…..I can only imagine linking up with someone related that I had never met!

  3. Great Paul… I got an email from the son of a guy in my tree today also… I think he is actually related to my brother-in-law, but still neat to hear and talk with these folks…

    Mr Papa


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