Genealogy Hookup

You might remember a recent post about some happenings in my genealogy research.  Some family members I didnt know contacted me.

Well, today, the new found relatives will be hooking up via teleconference with my Mother and Grandmother to meet each other and compare family history notes.  This is one of the many reasons for doing genealogy research.  My Mother is very excited about talking with Cousins and an Uncle she never knew.

The email traffic between all of us lately has been high.  We have been exchanging family history and notes.  I sent them my latest family tree Gedcom and they have done the same.  So, a major update to my family tree is in the works and should be ready fairly soon.  They have also sent me a bunch of old pictures of the new family members that I will be including too.

It will be interesting to hear how the phone call goes today!

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