Genealogy Update

Okay, as promised, I have updated the genealogy pages here at Mr Papa’s World.  This was a big update for me, but really not a whole lot of new names in the tree.

The update does include a few new inclusions (Wehage, Ossim, Kott, etc) based on a few minor finds and some info passed on from folks who have visited Mr Papa’s World.  There are also some corrections to a few items based on additional info that folks have passed on.

I spent a fair amount of time cleaning up the file.  I started to correct a few inconsistencies that existed and ended up spending hours fixing stuff.  Now, when I say fixing, I dont mean any real data, just the way its organized or presented.  I tend to be a stickler for consistency.  I did also find about 40 duplicate individuals which are now cleaned up.

I am also hot on the trail of some additional Klasen family members and hope to add some more soon.  I do have a whole list of other research that is looking promising at adding some dates to current names.

Suzanne keeps saying that her Dad Brett Pechuls is working her family, so I am still holding out hope of more info there.

On the home front, the Xmas tree went up today.  Here in Arizona, you cant put the tree up to early or it will dry out and drop ALL its needles.  The rest of the decorations are going up to.  I dont think we will do anything outside this year because of travel plans.

Speaking of travel plans, we will be spending 4 or 5 days in the mountains of Cloudcroft, New Mexico between Christmas and New Years.  We will be there with Suzanne’s sister’s family and her parents.  We have some cabins in the woods/mountains.  It should be a fun trip and Suzanne’s parents are springing for the whole deal.  Cant wait…

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