Mr Papa’s World Genealogy Update

Today, I have finally spent the time and made a major update to the Klasen Family tree here on Mr Papa’s World. I was recently contacted by my second cousin, once removed, Nancy Kott who found these pages. She and Norma Mackela have been able to provide me with lots of new information on my family history.

The vast majority of this update is on the Kott family (my Mother’s family). Norma and Nancy have provided most of the information in this update. I was also able to play the middle man for a phone call between Nancy, Norma and some of their family with my Mother and Grandmother. My Mother tells me it was a wonderful call and that it was great to hear from relatives she never knew. There was a lot of sharing of relatives names and stories.

Norma has also sent me a load of wonderful, old pictures of family members. I did not have a chance to upload those images in this update though I definitely plan to do so in the future. I have to see how to put into Family Tree Maker, which I use offline, and still have get uploaded into phpgedview, which I use online. I hope I dont have to do it twice.

To give you a quick glance at the size of this update, the number of individuals in the family tree went from 1266 to 1712. The number of surnames increased from about 350 to 500. Below, I have listed some interesting statistics from my family tree.

Individuals 1712
Total surnames 494
Total events 2762
Earliest Birth Year 1601
Latest Birth Year 2003
Earliest Death Year 1674
Latest Death Year 2006
Person who lived the longest 109
Average age at death
Average number of children per family

It seems everytime I make an update, the average age at death keeps going down. I guess that’s what happens the further back in history that you go. :omg:

Here is a complete list of the surnames in my family tree. The Kott family now has a commanding lead. ๐Ÿ˜›

Families Surnames
Total families 561
Surnames 486

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