My Birthday

Well, tomorrow is my birthday. Turning the big 45. I probably shouldn’t mention it, but hey, you are only as old as you think you are.

Luckily, tomorrow is one of our off Fridays at work, so I get to stay home, relax and spend some quality time on the computer. Okay, so I am weird, but it will be fun. Well, actually, I will probably try to whip out the taxes tomorrow too.

Usually I have to cook my own birthday dinner too – well, at least if I want something really tasty. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Well, not this year. Savannah is bound and determined to cook me and the rest of the family my birthday dinner. She spent a couple of hours in the kitchen tonight doing some prep work on the meal.

She even put together a whole menu for the dinner where everyone could select their courses. She wanted to do it like a restaurant and have everyone order at dinner time, but she’s not quite ready for that yet. So, we ordered tonight and she could prep.

She has appetizers, soup, salad, entree and dessert on the menu. This is pretty cool! She has really taken a liking to cooking and often assists me in the kitchen and I show her a thing or two. She says cooking is definitely in her future. This is shaping up as one of my favorite birthday presents!

So, who are you rooting for in the Super Bowl this year? Not sure I have decided yet, but my family is definitely on the Arizona Cardinal bandwagon. Living in AZ, its been real easy for them to suddenly become fans. Actually, there has been a lot of fair weather fans coming out of the woodwork around here lately. I can’t just start rooting for a team because they have a good season. At least no one can call me a fair weather fan – not being a die hard Lions fan! We’ll get em next season!

The Hawaii business trip is approaching and Suzanne sure is getting excited. She has been studying guide book after guide book. The whole family was in Hawaii back in 2005, but that was on a cruise. I was in Hawaii on business last October, but this will be Suzanne’s first time staying on one of the islands. The couple of days I will be working, she has mapped out an aggressive site seeing schedule. I think this will be our first vacation in many, many years as a couple. Happy Valentines Day!


  1. Sounds tough. What are you ever going to do?! LOL

    Have fun.

    * Bernard Doddema Jr.´s lastest post: Pieter Doddema (1946-2009)

  2. yeah, life is good!

  3. Happy Birthday! — and how special to have Savannah prepare the celebration meal!

    We are looking forward to watching the Super Bowl with you — and staying with Sean and Savannah while you have your couples’ get-away!

    See you Sunday.


    Grandmother and Grandpop

  4. Indeed, a very special day and a very special gift. Maybe I should come out there for my birthday.

    Have a wonderful day and a terrific trip. Love you all!!

  5. Thank you!

  6. Happy Birthday! Sorry I didn’t mention it in my e-mail….just realized it here!

    * Paul Tobin´s lastest post: Long Time, No Post!

  7. Thanks!

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