My Poor Blog

Oh my poor little blog. How I have neglected it lately! It’s not really by choice, but things have become hectic around here. It probably sounds old, but with work and the kids now doing something damn near every night, time for Mr Papa’s World has been limited. I have managed to do little “Quick Thoughts” blurbs in the sidebar, but that doesn’t really count. Those “Quick Thoughts” get cross posted on Facebook and Twitter and most folks respond to them there since there isn’t any kind of notification about a new post here at Mr Papa’s World.

Being June now, I hope to try to post more about the family happenings. We sure are busy enough to blog about something!

Oh, to get it started, Sean’s baseball team won their second game of the season last weekend. It goes along with their 15 or 16 losses unfortunately. It was a nail biter, as they entered the final inning up 13 – 6, but had to hang on for a final score of 13 – 12. We also received word that the team is going to fore go the playoff system this year and instead just play games. So, that means baseball games up until about the end of July. At two or three games a week, that makes for a hefty season. The heat is already high around here, so luckily, all games will be at night. The season should finish up just in time for football practice to begin for Sean.

This weekend, we have Savannah’s Summer Dance Recital. It’s a two night affair – though I think Sean has a game one night – with Savannah doing like a dozen dances. I really need to do a post about her continued baking work. Until then…


  1. Baseball – what a wonderful summer past-time. I do miss those days when you guys all played.

  2. I have trouble finding the time to read the blogs – never mind writing them.

  3. Wow, two comments in one day… ๐Ÿ˜‰

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