Sean Changes Baseball Teams

Sean has decided to change baseball teams this upcoming season. He is right on the age limit between what the baseball league terms minor and majors. He could play minors again this season, but it would be with a bunch of younger kids. So, he wants to play majors.

Unfortunately, our small little, rural community isn’t going to have enough kids to field a majors team this year. So instead, he will play majors with the Huachucha City team. He already plays football there since our town doesn’t have enough kids to field its own team either. Except for the distance issue, its a pretty good deal for him too. A bunch of the kids from his football team are also on the baseball team, so he knows a bunch of them.

He reported to the first practice last night and they asked if he could play catcher since their catcher from last year had moved away. Well, what do you know, that happens to be the position he plays. So every one is happy.

Huachucha City is about 20 – 25 minutes away from us so its a bit of a stretch on the coordination of getting him to practices and games, while still getting the girls to dance classes in Sierra Vista. Luckily, it is on the way to Sierra Vista. The games will be even further away for us though. Home games in Huachucha City will be the closest ones. The away games will be another 15 to 30 minutes further. Typically, they play one game during the week and one game on Saturdays. The week games, because of the distance, will be tough for me to make. I only made half of those last year.

Sean is excited and happy to be playing for the Huachucha city team now.

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