Showstoppers Dance Competition Approaching

It’s getting to be that time of the year again when the Showstoppers Dance competitions begin. In a couple of weeks, we will be on the road again to Phoenix for the competition.

This year, Suzanne, Savannah and Sean will be competing. This is the first year for Sean. He will be doing a duet dance, The Mexican Hat Dance, with Savannah. They have been working hard on it this past few months in preparation. He will also be doing a group hip hop dance number. Suzanne and Savannah will also be doing multiple dances as well as each doing a song and dance routine.

What is Mr Papa going to be doing? Trying to stay awake in the audience. I dont mind watching the kids and Suzanne dance, but having to drive to Phoenix and be up there all weekend for a few dances of each is a long time. I am not all that interested in watching a bunch of other kids dance. Some of the older, high school age kids are pretty good and they are more enjoyable than about of kids the age of my kids that I dont know. Still, the kids enjoy doing this, so no issues with going.

This weekend, the three of them will also be performing a charity event at the Tucson VA hospital. Suzanne volunteers down there and about once a quarter, she puts on a vocal variety show. This time, she is taking the kids with her and they will all do some dancing and Suzanne and Savannah will also practice their song and dance routines.

With everyone spending the next couple of weeks getting ready for the competition, I will again get a bunch of free time at home by myself. It’s nice to have these little times now and then. With all these site upgrades to do, I need it.

A quick word on our quirky Arizona weather lately… Today, we got into the 80’s. Last week, it snowed. There wasn’t any accumulation at our place, but the mountain tops around us were covered in snow. It was still there on my drive home today.


  1. Anne Pechuls says

    I know this is an exciting time of year for Suzanne, Sean and Savannah–and Mr Papa.

    The Veterans Hospital performance will be a great warm-up for the competition the next weekend.

    Have a great time in Phoenix!



  2. Good Luck to everyone. I know that you will all do GREAT!!! I can’t wait to see the pictures.

  3. They will enjoy it I am sure… Big question is how many medals and trophies will they bring home 😎


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