Not So Fun Day Off

As today is my Friday off (I get every other Friday off), I was looking forward to a nice, relaxing day working off my to do list. I had lots of catch up work to do on the four computers scattered around the house. Suzanne was going to get on the riding mower and cut […]

Happy Birthday Mom!

Happy Birthday to my mother. I wont embarass her by listing her age, but let’s just say she is FINALLY talking about retiring towards the end of this year. It’s long overdue in my opinion, but she enjoys it. While not quite on her birthday, she will be taking a Carribean cruise at the end […]

Savannah’s Birthday Pictures

I have uploaded Savannah’s birthday pictures to the photo gallery. Her birthday party was a Hawaiian Luau themed party since we had just visited Hawaii in November. 2006/savannah-bday/

Happy Birthday Savannah

Happy Birthday to Savannah who is 8 today. With today being a Federal holiday, she even has a day off from school. It’s been a fun filled past week of Birthday activities for her.

Hawaiian Luau Birthday Party for Savannah

Tomorrow is Savannah’s birthday and today is the birthday party. We are having this big Hawaiian Luau themed party. She has about 10 other kids coming over. They are making leis, learning to hula, playing Hawaiian Survivor and other fun games. We will be eating Spam-kabobs and Hawaiian pulled pork barbecue. For dessert, the girls […]