Where’s Mr Papa? Plus Another Victory

Wow, been a while since my last post – my apologies. It’s been a busy time. And a fun time. I will try to bring yall up to date on what’s been going on.

First, last night was another victory for Sean’s baseball team. They won a close game by a score of 7 – 5 that went the distance. That gives them a record of 12 – 1 on the season. Its been a very good season for them, losing only their first game.

As usual, it was another road game. To be honest, I am anxious for the season to come to an end. These late night, long distance, road games are getting quite tiring. For example, I went to work at 6:30 yesterday morning and went straight to the game after work. We didn’t get home until almost 10:30 at night. That makes for a very long day. Tonight will be even worse with the game even later and further away in Willcox.

There are 4 regular season games left to go. Then we start the All Stars. Its like the Little League World Series were you compete at local level, qualifying for regional competition and then moving on to State and National levels if you keep winning. Since we have beaten all the local and regional teams, except for that first game whom we have not played again, the kids have a chance to go a ways in the tournament.

School ended this week for the kids. They are happy to be out of school and beginning the Summer. We still come up with assignments for them during the Summer, but they do get more video game time. This Summer, we are instituting a “the more you workout, the more you play policy”. They will get limited video game time unless they workout in our garage gym. They also will get extra chances to earn some money with chores/projects so they can have more money for souvenirs on the upcoming cruise.

I have been busy developing a new website for our church. We decided to put one up so folks looking for a church in the region could easily find one on the net. Of course, I volunteered to host it and do the leg work. So, I spent most of the 4 day Memorial Day Weekend getting the site ready for launch. The site is up and running, but needs some more content which I am working to get. Please check out the Our Lady of the Angels Church website and provide any feedback you might have.

We also celebrated our 15th Wedding Anniversary this past week. It was pretty low key with the Savannah’s dancing and Sean’s baseball. Sunday is Suzanne’s Birthday, so we will probably go into town this weekend and do something with the family to celebrate the two events. Suzanne really wants to see the new Indiana Jones movie, so maybe will get dinner and take in the movie. I much prefer movies at home than theaters, but I can deal with once a year.


  1. Happy Anniversary!

    Happy Birthday, Suzanne. Enjoy your special day.

    Sean has really been with a good team this year — keep up the good work.


    ~Anne and Brett

  2. Nice job on the church website. Keep the news coming !

  3. Thanks Brett! Still some work to do but I am happy with the start…

  4. Thanks Anne! 15 years… where does the time go?

  5. Congrats on the anniversary. Kara and I will also be celebrating our 15th on Sept 16, 2008.

  6. Right back at you Bernard!

  7. Sounds like you’ve been pretty busy. What a nice way to celebrate special events. Happy everything.

  8. actually, we delayed the trip into town for dinner and movie until today… played a bunch of boardgames yesterday…

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