Yes, It’s Another “Where’s Mr Papa?”

Where in the heck did the last week go? It was nothing but a blur. That’s good in some respects and bad in others. As to my website updates, it was bad. Sorry for the lack of updates over the last week.

A pop up business trip opportunity became available for next week and it has nice potential. So of course, spent a lot of time the last week prepping for the trip. It’s probably a 2 hour meeting, but a day of travel each way. Luckily, its to a beach town on the Ocean, so will definitely get some ocean time. ๐Ÿ˜Ž

I have also been hard at work on the wordpress simple:press forum plugin that I help develop. A few weeks ago we got out a bug fix and minor change version to the community. Now, for the first time in a while, we are actually working on adding some cool new features which means more fun coding than bug fixes. If interested, you can follow the development along on our trac site.

Savannah also decided she wanted a website. She has been really getting into youtube – as you probably have noticed with the recent videos we have posted here. She has quite a group of “friends” over there and is constantly exchanging messages and such. Of course, that means we have to go through there periodically and check up on the who/what/etc.

So in addition to the youtube stuff, she decided she wanted a blog. So I obliged here and created her a blog. On her blog, she wants to review movies, tv shows, music, video games and other stuff. If family members want to email us for a link we will be happy to send it along to you so you can check out its humble beginnings. I haven’t posted it here, just to keep the two blogs unassociated.

Suzanne and the kids have been busy dancing, as usual. The Summer Recital is tomorrow night so there has been a rash o dress rehearsals. Mr Papa will be in the audience enjoying the show.

The kids start back to school next week so Suzanne is happy. She gets all her free time back to herself. The kids, of course, would rather see the Summer season extended. They have been busy during the Summer preparing a powerpoint presentation on some of the places we will be going on our Cruise this fall and kind of picking where they want to go in the ports. We will have a big family gathering not too far in the future to review these and solidify the cruise port plans.

With the exception of the business trip next week, I hope to resume regular blogging patterns soon.


  1. Be Very Careful with the info that posts on Savannah,s site.
    Lot s of wierdos out there !!

  2. oh yeah… keeping us busy…

  3. Kudos to Savannah for wanting her own site; she sounds very mature for her age. Although I’ve never met her, if she’s anything like her father, she’ll soon have a following and I can only imagine she’s very particular in what goes into the site. Congrats!

    * Bernard Doddema, Jr.’s lastest post: More Trek Books upcoming

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