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Another Defeat For The Yellowjackets

If its fall and Saturday, it must be another day of youth football. The temperatures were a little cooler today, a slight breeze was blowing and some clouds help make it a more tolerable afternoon. Another couple of weeks and we should enter into Fall in full swing. Unfortunately, the opposing team wasn’t as nice […]

Detroit Lions Win First Game of the Season

How ’bout them Lions? They didn’t look too shabby in their opening game of the season winning it over the Oakland Raiders 36 – 21. Yes, it was the Oakland Raiders and they did have the worst record in the NFL last year, but it was definitely a step in the right direction for the […]

Sean’s Football Team Starts The Season With A Loss

Today, Sean’s football team opened their new season. Sean’s team hasn’t won a game in the last two years. They were hoping to turn their fortunes around today. They actually had 17 on the roster today, which is good for out country area. Unfortunately, the opposing team, which has won the title the last few […]

Football and Cheerleading Season To Begin This Saturday

It is upon us once again – the busy time of the year. Sean and Savannah have been very busy the past couple of months with nightly football and cheerleading practice or dance class. This Saturday is the first game of the season. Suzanne is once again the cheerleading coach. Sean’s team hasn’t won a […]

New Savings Program For The Kids

We have recently instituted a new savings program for the kids in an effort to get them more familiar with money and how to earn and save it. For quite a while now, they have been on an allowance program where they earned weekly money for completing chores and activities around the house. They have […]

Sean’s Redecorated Room

If you remember my posts about Sean’s recent birthday, he spent a significant amount of his birthday money redecorating his room. He is an avid New England Partriots fan, so that is the new theme. Today, we have upload some before and after pictures of his bedroom. At the age of our kids, we have […]