Archives for July 2009

New Computer

Or at least I hope to have a new computer soon. My computer has been slowly failing and exhibiting various hardware difficulties. I have been slowly losing sectors on the hard disk. Last week, lost the master boot record and had all sorts of issues even getting it to come back up. When I finally […]

Bachelor Time – Sort Of…

It’s that time of the year again – Bachelorhood! The time when Suzanne and the kids make the Summer trek back to Dallas to visit with her family. Well, sort of anyways. Yes, she left this morning for her trek, but unfortunately, I am so buried in work, I am not sure how much of […]

Backyard Cooking: Paella and Jambalaya

This year for Father’s Day, we got Steve all kinds of equipment so that he could do some gourmet backyard cooking. Steve loves to cook, and we have such wonderful weather here year round, cooking out doors can be a fun activity for him to enjoy with the kids. To give you a little back […]

Fourth of July

Happy Fourth of July to all! What a great holiday and even nicer when it falls near a weekend enabling a long weekend! Its been a whirlwind time lately as I was on business travel last Thur and Fri and then again Mon, Tue and Wed of this week. So, its been a while since […]