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I think I now have a pretty stable setup on the website that I run. Lots of upgrades and tweaks behind me in this latest round of changes. It’s time to get back to some family history research.

It’s been a while since I have done any kind of significant research on our family history. Last night, I updated the genealogy website with a few tidbits that I had gathered from Suzanne’s Dad. I have a few more and then its back to combing the net on any history I can find. Sometimes, all it takes is one little name to pave the way to a major breakthrough.

I wish I could find more history on the Klasen family name, but I keep running into dead ends. It doesnt help that no one short of my Mother is really alive on that side of the family. My Grandmother was adopted and never knew her Mother, so that’s a difficult one. I currently have no leads past my Grandfather, Fred Klasen, either. He died when I was very young, so I never knew anyone from his family.

I have quite a few leads to follow on my Mother’s side and her Mother (my Grandma) is still alive so, hopefully, I can get a few more leads. I really expect to make some big discoveries on Suzanne’s side of the family. Her dad has lots of info and wants to participate in research. He has boxes of stuff to go through. He also recently retired and is taking a genealogy class at the local community college. He also has lots of stories and tidbits in his memory that I want to capture. It should be fun.

I have sent emails to a few folks on my side of the family trying to round up some researchers and such but not sure anyone will bite.

Be sure to periodically check the genealogy pages of Mr Papa’s World for updates and let me know if you can contribute anything to the family history.


  1. Steve,

    Neat stuff. I may fire up a geneology link myself one of these days. My great uncle, who recently passed away, had a ton of geneology information that he had compiled manually. I have always wanted to get my hands on it and make it digital. Perhaps someday I will find the time and energy to do so!


  2. Let me know if you do and need any help getting it set up. The software I use is at

    Mr Papa

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