Family History

Its getting to be time to get back to doing some research on family history. I havent touched it in about 6 months, but am going to soon. I dont know much about my family’s history and would like to learn more. Unfortunately, most of my family doesnt know much about the history either. That makes the research difficult. I want to upload some pictures and some interesting stories about family members.

A lot more is known about Suzanne’s side of the family. I have captured a bunch of that info, but have some more to document. In addition, Suzanne’s dad recently retired and is taking a geneaology course at the local college. He wants to find more and capture what he already knows and some of his stories. I expect the info on Suzanne’s side to grow significantly.

I am going to try to enlist my family to help out, but havent had favorable results in the past. Maybe this time…

In addition, I recently found a guy starting development of a wordpress plugin for phpgedview, which is the web app I use. When finished, it should integrate the two nicely. I will play with it this weekend and maybe even offer some help.

The wine tasting last night was a lot of fun. I think I had more than the three or four glasses of wine I had mentioned I would probably have. So, it was a bigger cheat from my NutriSystem diet than planned. Luckily, its just calories, so hopefully, it will have minimal impact.


  1. Hello, just wanted to mention that the link to the plugin is leading to some “anticheat inc.” website ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. hmmm… that was odd… that was a link to an anticheat community for America’s Army… not even the one I belong too…

    Anyways, the link is now corrected… Thanks for the headsup!

    Mr Papa

  3. A new version of the plugin mentioned is now available, please check this post:

    Thanks and enjoy !

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