Comcast – Bad ISP

I sure am having struggles with Comcast of late. They are not my ISP, but I have maybe half a dozen contacts, including family, that do use the Comcast internet service. Over the period of the last six months they have intermittently blocked me from sending email to Comcast subscribers thinking I am a spammer. […]

Computer Issue Resolved

Suzanne was in Sierra Vista last night, so I had her pick me up a new NIC to see if that was indeed the issue with my PC and it’s inability to connect to the internet. When she got home last night, I popped it into the computer and fired it up. Sure enough, connection […]

Xbox Live Arcade and My PC

Tonight has not quite gone the way I had planned. First, I planned to get in a quick couple rounds of America’s Army with my 158th clan mates. Then, I was going to play some Xbox 360 – in particular some of the new Xbox Live Arcade titles that are available. However, when I got […]

Mother Finally Set Up

Whew… Long day on the phone with Mother today. I am trying to get her into the 21st Century on her computer setup. Doing it long distance doesnt help. She was actually very receptive and ignored my occasional impatience. She finally upgraded from AOL to a broadband connection. She hooked up with Verizon, but in […]