Family Karoake Night

This is a few days late, but work hours have been poor the last couple of weeks trying to get out a project. This weekend, we had another session of family karoake night. It’s not one of my favorites as I don’t sing, but the kids and Suzanne love it. Actually, they call it Papa’s […]

Sean’s Football Team Starts The Season With A Loss

Today, Sean’s football team opened their new season. Sean’s team hasn’t won a game in the last two years. They were hoping to turn their fortunes around today. They actually had 17 on the roster today, which is good for out country area. Unfortunately, the opposing team, which has won the title the last few […]

School Year Winding Down

The school year for the kids is winding down. As usual, as the year ends, there seems to be a never ending stream of events at the school. Last week was weird week for the kids. One day they dressed up as mismatched as they could. They looked pretty ridiculous, but I imagine they fit […]